Our Crew

Ocean Yacht Sales takes pride in providing its customers with individualized and professional assistance in finding the perfect vessel for their needs. We have assembled a dedicated team that is ready to assist you in finding the boat of your dreams.

Mike Carey, Dauntless, Nova Scotia, Ocean Yacht Sales
Manager/Yacht Broker

Michael Carey


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Ocean Yacht Sales recently welcomed Michael Carey onboard as its new Manager/Yacht Broker. Michael is a veteran of the hospitality ...

Paul Gallan, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Yacht Broker

Paul Gallant


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Paul Gallant is no stranger to the yachting world. He offers 40+ years experience in the service industry, whether its ...

Matthew Foley, Dauntless, Nova Scotia
Yacht Broker

Matthew Foley


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Matthew served with the Canadian Coast Guard for 9 years including senior positions as Chief Mate and Search and Rescue ...

Dwight Saunders, Dauntless, Nova Scotia
Yacht Broker

Dwight Saunders


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Dwight has been involved in the marine industry for over 20 years. His collaborative approach to selling focuses on the ...

Richard Elliot,Dauntless, Nova Scotia,
Yacht Broker

Richard Elliot


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Richard Elliott has been in sales for more than four decades, working in the fishing, aquaculture, forestry, food and industrial ...

William Gillard, Dauntless, Nova Scotia,
Yacht Broker

William Gillard


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Upon graduating from high school in his hometown of Hawkesbury, Ontario, William joined the Canadian Armed Forces as a marine ...

Matt Debicki, Dauntless, Nova Scotia,
Yacht Broker

Matt Debicki


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Matt spent ten years as a professional sailor, working on tall ships, multihulls and monohulls, including 3 years of teaching ...

Tim Perrin, Dauntless, Nova Scotia,
Yacht Broker

Tim Perrin


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Tim has spent his entire life cruising the waters of Conception Bay, N.L. and sport fishing giant bluefin tuna. As ...

Zack Howard,Dauntless, Nova Scotia,

Zack Howard


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Zack Howard spent 14 years in the financial industry servicing small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. His steady advancement in roles servicing ...

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